Our Gins are packaged in the most environmentally and sustainable way possible, right through from the cork to the labels. We work with suppliers who are committed to sustainability in their own businesses.


You don’t normally think of bottles being efficient, but ours are! In the production process of our recycled bottles, none are disregarded with aesthetic defects – we welcome imperfections! Other manufacturers discard up to 25% of the bottles manufactured.


All the glass used in the process is PCR – Post Consumer Recycled. Using recycled glass reduces 20% of air pollution and related water pollution by 50% caused during the industrial process. Compared to making glass from raw materials for the first time, cullet (pieces of already existed glass) melts at a lower temperature. The use of recycled glass allows reduced energy consumption and reduced Co2 emissions, since a lower consumption of fuel is required when melting materials than when converting the raw material into glass. There is also lower extraction of virgin materials, since 1kg of recovered glass is equivalent to 1.2kg of virgin raw materials.

Sea Level Distillery is proud to be a sustainable business. We recycle, repurpose, reduce, compost, and we don’t use any chemicals or pesticides on the botanicals we grow. All green waste is composted or fed to our chickens; Agatha Christie, Amelia Earhart and Ada Lovelace. Their chicken waste is in turn used to fertilise the botanical garden. We also use rainwater to cool our condenser and any excess water is used in the fruit and vegetable garden.


Stoppers – are made from natural cork and wood.


Taper seal – is made from paper.


Labels – made from paper which are digitally printed. We don’t use frosting on our glass or use metallic paints.


Bottles – Our beautiful bottles are made from post-consumer recycled glass. This is thinner than comparable bottles and we welcome imperfections, our bottles are a natural glass colour as we don’t use any colourants in the process. We are biased, but we think our bottles are so beautiful that you will repurpose them in your home. Visit our Instagram account for suggestions.


Our bottles are also thinner and therefore lighter than comparable bottles, so use less energy to make and to transport.


They are made from 100% natural glass colour, means there are no colourants, giving a beautiful sea glass colour.


For our deliveries we use old Jersey potato trays, so that we aren’t adding to cardboard recycling. This is also under ‘our pledge’ below


We do not use plastic wrapping, nor any plastics in our labels, or tampers.


• One percent for the Sea!


• Every one of our bottles sold helps make the ocean healthier and allows people of all walks of life to enjoy it.


• We rethink how processes can be done to reduce their environmental impact.


• We are committed to never using any single use plastics in our distillery.


• Our labels are digitally printed, our bottles are elegant and simple, and we don’t use frosting or metal paint in our labels or on our bottles. Our glass comes from previously recycled glass in Italy, rather than being shipped half way across the world from Asia.


• Our bottles are lightweight.


• Our neutral grain spirit comes from England.


• We use wood and natural cork in our stoppers. We use an electric vehicle for all our deliveries and have repurposed Jersey potato trays to deliver our bottles.


• We use packaging which is recycled, recyclable, or compostable.


Our small-batch gins use locally sourced ingredients where possible, alongside our home-grown botanicals to ensure minimum miles and maximum taste.